The fee for the whole program (that includes costs of tuition for all courses; dissertation supervision and access to all university services such as library, online resources etc.) is 60000 euro payable in three annual installments (years 1, 2 and 3).

It does not include the cost of commuting, accommodation, meals or health insurance while attending the program modules. Purchasing mandatory textbooks is also a responsibility of an Executive PhD fellow, though a number of copies of all the textbooks are available on reserve in the CEU library.

Affordability is an important consideration for the CEU Executive PhD. We may be able to offer tuition reductions for exceptional candidates, whose participation in the program would especially heighten the doctoral learning experience for fellows.

Through our travel partners Austrian Airlines and the Lufthansa group, we can offer attractive discounts that allows you to conveniently and affordably fly from more than seventy destinations worldwide to attend the PhD modules. In both Vienna and Budapest, we offer a range of attractive accommodation options at partner hotels and the CEU Residence to suit varied budgets. As the dates for modules are fixed in advance, doctoral fellows can book tickets well in advance to capture the best ticket prices. As Vienna is a global and regional hub, there are over 200 international destinations served from Vienna Airport to Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, China and North America.

The CEU Executive PhD has been designed as a modular program because of our intention to enhance affordability and convenience for participants coming from outside Vienna and Budapest. Attending CEU Executive PhD will require only eight round trips from your city of origin during the two years of coursework.